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Call now for your free estimate (720)-999-3983. AquaBRIGHT is the newest pool finish on the market with a 10 year warrantyEcoFINISH comes in 18 different beautiful colors to choose from. This polyurethane coating will go over most plaster finishes as well as fiberglass, steel and aluminum substrates.  Let Hanavan Pools give your pool the face lift it has needed for years. When your pool is finished you will be the envy of your friends with a pool that stands out from the rest. 


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Owner: Rich Hanavan


Manager: Kale Hanavan


Email: hanavanpools@gmail.com





Hanavan Pools and Spas is a small company based out of Arvada Colorado. We've been serving the pool industry for over 70 years and 4 generations as a family. Hanavan pools has been around for 12 years offering swimming pool remodel and refinish work all over the state of Colorado. We have specialized in the remodel industry, focusing on coping, tile, and plaster resurfacing of concrete pools and hot tubs. With our focus and love of the resurfacing phase of the remodeling process, we are always looking for new, more efficient and more beneficial ways of resurfacing pools. With that we are now offering ecoFINISH technology. This is a revolutionary way of coating swimming pools and hot tubs of the concrete and fiberglass variety. There are many benefits from choosing ecoFINISH, including a ph neutral surface that is resistant to fading, etching, and staining. Use up to 40% less chemicals because of a less porous and absorbent surface compared to traditional plaster or paint finishes. Please follow the links to learn more about each individual finish and find out what best suits you and your pool or hot tub. 

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